WHITE: White symbolizes purity, simplicity and peace. People who like white can be thoughtful and sometimes like things to be perfect.

YELLOW: Yellow is the color of sunshine. People who like yellow are often happy, imaginative and creative.

ORANGE: Orange is the color of fire. People who like orange tend to be cheerful, friendly and impulsive.

RED: People who love red are energetic, powerful and courageous. They are quick to act and show their emotions.

PINK: Pink comes in many shades. People who prefer pink tend to be optimistic, playful and intelligent.

PURPLE: Purple is the color of drama. People whose favorite color is purple are often complex and spiritual.

BLUE: Blue is the color of the sky and the water. Cool, calm, logical and loyal people often choose blue as their favorite color.

GREEN: Green symbolizes growth, nature, harmony and good luck. People who like green help others and are often good listeners.

BLACK: Black is elegant and mysterious. Black is a favorite of sophisticated and stylish individuals.