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animation designer imageMEET A DESIGNER: John Lasseter began his career as an animator for Disney, but chose to join George Lucas’ computer graphics division in order to explore the potential of computer animation. He is now one of the main creative forces behind many Pixar and Disney films, including all three Toy Story movies. Meet John Lasseter.

PHOTO: © Effluvium

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Understanding that the success of its new film Brave would rely heavily on the quality of its animation, Disney-Pixar went to great lengths to make the film as visually compelling as possible.

In order to recreate a realistic depiction of the Scottish highlands landscape, Pixar rewrote its animation system for the first time in 25 years. The new system includes 350 customized Photoshop brushes that allow animators to layer patterns, designs and shapes in a way that make the film’s environments look extremely lush and texturized. Some of the film’s animators even took classes in archery and swordfighting in order to understand how the weapons work so they could create these scenes as accurately as possible.

IMAGE: © Disney/Pixar

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