utrecht logo Here is a list of art supplies we recommend for student design projects
from brands we trust. They are available at


Sketchbook: 5x7 Utrecht spiral sketchbook, Item #51963

White card stock: 9x12 Strathmore bristol board pad, smooth finish, Item #35497

Colored card stock: 9x12 Eric Carle eco asst color paper, 40 sheets, Item #64240

Tracing paper: 9x12 Eric Carle eco tracing pad, 50 sheets, Item #64245

Grid paper: 8.5x11 Bienfang 1/8" grid pad, 50 sheets, Item #41609

Graphics paper: 9x12 Bienfang 360 graphics pad, 50 sheets, Item #34933

Storyboard paper: 8.5x11 Canson fanboy comic layout pages, 35 sheets, Item #24067

Portfolio: 9x12 Itoya presentation case, Item #51546


Graphite HB: Faber-Castell graphite drawing pencil HB, Item #32294

Colored pencils: Prismacolor set of 12 colored pencils, Item #43623

Pencil sharpener: Prismacolor pencil sharpener, Item #24998

Kneaded eraser: Design kneaded rubber eraser, Item #32365


Sharpie: Ultra fine point black permanent marker, Item #37101

Double point markers: Prismacolor set of 24 double-point markers with case, Item #79506

Manga brush pens: Faber-Castell manga brush pens set, Item #55996


Designer gouache: Holbein gouache 5 tubes (CMYKW), Item #52995

Paintbrushes: Utrecht set of 4 watercolor brushes, Item #52006

Round palette mixing tray: Loew-Cornell white plastic 10 well palette, Item #41747


Metal cork-back ruler: Utrecht aluminum cork-back ruler 12", Item #33727

Transparent grid ruler: C-thru B-70 clear ruler, 2"x12", Item #58330

Scissors: Westcot 7" titanium student scissors LH/RH, Item #41232

X-acto craft knife: X-acto #1 knife with #11 blade, Item #35047

Cutting mat: Utrecht 12"x18" cutting mat, Item #37348

Compass: Utrecht spring bow compass, Item #83008

Interior design template: Pickett template house furniture, Item #32177


Mannequin: 12" wooden mannequin, Item #55642

Fabric printing kit: Speedball fabric screen printing starter set 6 colors, Item #82501

Silk screen: 8x10 Speedball silk screen, Item #55895

Screen print squeegee: 10" Speedball screen printing squeegee for paper & fabric, Item #58225


Scoring tool: Lineco small bone folder, Item #41140

Double-sided tape: 1/2" Scotch double-sided tape, Item #32612

Craft glue: 4 oz. Sobo non-toxic glue, Item #58900

Sketch & tell book: 5.5x8.5 Eric Carle eco panda sketch/tell book 32 sheets, Item #64240

Block printing kit: Speedball linoleum block printing starter kit, Item #82500

Linoleum blocks: 5x7 Speedball linoleum blocks, Item #36740


Clay: Klean Klay primary colors 1 lb., Item #69815

Clay tools: Set of 6 wooden modeling tools for clay, Item #58410

Sponge: Artist's sea sponge, Item #36782

Masking tape: 1" Scotch masking tape, Item #66269