AUTHOR: A person who writes books, articles or stories.

BOOK ARTS: A term that describes all aspects of bookmaking: including paper-making, calligraphy, printing, illustration, design and bookbinding.

BOOK DESIGNER: A person who creates the layout of a book: its cover, choice of typeface, format and the arrangement of words and images on the page.

ILLUSTRATOR: A person who creates pictures, photographs or diagrams that accompany a written text. The purpose of an illustration is to either make the work more attractive or to explain its meaning.

PUBLISHER: A person or company that produces material such as books, magazines or newspapers for public distribution or sale.


Bookmakers often have a special logo or “imprint” for the books they produce. Design a logo for to use on future books you will make. Your logo should be simple (it will need to fit on the spine of your books!), easily recognizable and say something about you and/or the type of books you like to make.

Check out an example.


how color is printed

Full-color books are printed using a method called the “4-color process.” A book’s pages go through “color separation” to divide text and photographs into four separate plates: one for each color of ink that will be used to print the book.

The four colors are cyan blue (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y) and black (K). They are referred to as CMYK.

Even though you see many colors in a finished book, only these four ink colors are used to create it.

Here's how it works: Paper passes through a series of rollers: first yellow. The yellow plate prints only the parts of the image that include the color yellow, as shown above. Paper then passes through the magenta, cyan and black plates.

Our eyes combine the four ink layers and the result is full color.

photo: istockphoto

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