APPAREL: Another word for clothing.

FASHION: The style of clothing that is popular at a given time. Fashion changes more quickly than many other parts of culture.

GARMENT: Any specific article of clothing, such as a dress, shirt, jacket or pants.

HAUTE COUTURE: A French term for “high fashion.” The word “haute” means elegant or high and the word “couture” refers to sewing or dressmaking. Haute couture fashions are custom-made by hand using the finest materials. They are trend-setting and very expensive.

PRET A PORTER: A French term for clothing that is purchased “ready to wear.” This contrasts with clothing that is “custom-made” to fit a particular person.


color swatchesFashion designs delight us with their brilliant range of color. From ancient times, people have used natural substances to add color to clothing. Although today most colors are man-made, the earliest dyes came from natural sources. Do you know the origin of colors? Find out here!

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FASHION and technology

Ever dreamed of being able to create your own virtual closet or help design clothes for some of your favorite brands? Two new “fashion-tech” companies will make it possible to do both by the end of the year.

Clothia, which allows users to create their own virtual closet, was created as both a website and an iPhone app. Its founder, Elena Silenok, describes her company as a social network where fashion meets technology. On Clothia, users can create new looks by uploading photos of items in their closets or finding pictures from websites and then mixing and matching different pieces.

Stylyt, which will be launched in late 2012, will allow users to play fashion designer for some of their favorite brands. A drag-and-drop tool will allow users to create their own designs by swapping out different colors and fabrics on items of clothing from popular brands. Users can then vote on their favorite creations in order to help choose a winning design which brands like the Gap or Forever 21 will manufacture and sell!

PHOTO: clothia

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