apple's FIRST Mac offers fresh design

first apple computerIn 1976, Steve Jobs and fellow “geek” Steve Wozniak (Woz) built a personal computer called the Apple, named after Jobs’ favorite fruit. Their company logo was an apple with a bite out of it, a nod to the word “byte,” (a single unit of memory stored on a computer).

Eight years later, they introduced the Macintosh, named after a kind of apple. Its friendly personality and graphical user interface (GUI) appealed to designers and other creative people.

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& now

iPhone, iPad CHANGE how we communicate

ipad, iphoneDesigner Jonathan Ive joined Apple in 1996. He shares Jobs’ passion for perfection in both design and technology. As Jobs once said, “Design is not just how something looks, it is how it works.”

Throughout his life, Jobs (1955-2011) introduced many exciting and innovative products — from candy-colored iMacs in 1998 to today's iPod, iPhone and iPad. The Apple design team he inspired will continue his legacy, making a difference in how we live, work and communicate.

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