AESTHETICS: The study of the nature and artistic expression of beauty.

CONCEPT: A general idea or abstract thought.

DESIGN: Creative expression and process of problem-solving that concerns both how something looks and how it works.

INNOVATION: The introduction of a new idea, method or product. Something new must be substantially different to be thought of as innovative.

PORTFOLIO: Traditionally, a thin case for carrying and displaying drawings, designs, photographs or other documents. Portfolios can also be created as an electronic collection of the work of an artist, designer or photographer.


color swatches

What does your favorite color say about you? Find out here!

museum exhibit

What is color?

Color is formed by the light spectrum. When light shines on an object, the color we see is determined by how the light is absorbed or reflected by it.

subtractive colorThere are two kinds of color.

Subtractive color (left) is the color of pigment — used in paint, dyes and printing inks. Its primaries are cyan blue (C), magenta red (M) and yellow (Y). When two primaries are mixed, they form a secondary color. When all three primaries are mixed, they make black.

Additive color is the color you see on a computer monitor, a TV screen or in stage lighting. Its primary colors are red, green and blue (RGB). When added together, they make white.


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